National Pink Day

National Pink Day, not to be confused with International Pink Day, is a holiday which is celebrated annually on June 23rd in observance of the color pink. It is the perfect day for both men and women to put on their best pink colored clothing and paint the town red. After all, pink is a color that is not only celebrated today but is also a color that has traditionally been historically significant.

National Pink Day can be celebrated in numerous ways. You can dress up in pink clothing or accent your clothing with pink. You can use pink food dye to color your food, wear a pink carnation or watch the movie “Pretty In Pink.” Or you can just listen to music by the pop-star Pink or the prog-rock band Pink Floyd. Any way you want to celebrate the holiday is perfectly acceptable.

We chose to mark this day by dressing in pink and enjoying some pink doughnuts and pink lemonade.

Any excuse for a doughnut right….