Revision Zero – International Homeless Animals Day 2021

There seems to be an International Day for everything these days. Some are fun and some are to acknowledge some great causes. Revision Zero does enjoy making some of these days special.

August 19th was one such occasion. International Homeless Animals Day. Whilst the team was able to enjoy some pizza and a mufti (casual wear) day, we were also able to help the local animal Shelter.

The team each donated some items of food and with Revision Zero Management matching the team’s donations, there was a sizable amount of food that we could donate.

A visit to PAWS, Philippine Animal Welfare Society took place to donate. Whilst there is was apparent the enormity of the problem with homeless animals in Manila. PAWS like so many other animal welfare societies relies solely on donations and volunteers. If you also would like to help them, please visit their website There, it is very easy to make a donation but would make a huge difference to an animal’s life.