Daily Archives: December 1, 2021

revision zero mary anne masanque featured image

Mary Anne Masanque – Up and Coming Star

Whilst Mary Anne is one of the newer members of the team, she has quickly shown her desire to learn and progress further within her chosen career as a BIM Modeller.

Revision Zero is very happy she has chosen Revision Zero to be her place to shine.

revision zero dunhill capule checking champion featured image

Dunhill Capule – Checking Champion

Dunhill Capule is a long time, loyal Revision Zero employee. Whilst an experienced modeler he excels in the 3D checking role. Loving to work through the models ensuring the very best of model integrity.

Dunhill shares his experience with the newer members of the team and has proven himself as a great leader and team player. It certainly is great having Dunhill as part of our team at Revision Zero.

Screenshot 2022 04 08 113333

Carrapateena Interfacing Chutes

Our animation team really enjoy their work and it shows. Recently they were asked to showcase a group of chutes we had modelled and detailed for the Carrapateena Project.

We wanted to show not just one chute but multiple combined featuring the interface between them. It appears that the work brief may have been interpreted differently.

In the end, it is great to see our work presented in such a fun and quirky way. If you were interested in presenting your projects with animation, we would love to hear from you and promise the team will put on their serious hats.