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Revision Zero embarked on its journey in 2013, initially comprising a small yet highly experienced team. Over the years, our success has necessitated continual expansion, at times growing to a team of well over one hundred dedicated professionals.

Today, Revision Zero maintains the loyalty of its clients through a steadfast commitment to excellent customer service and the delivery of high-quality products. To achieve this, our management team boasts a diverse array of skills and experiences. We blend the expertise of expatriate and local team members, fostering a dynamic mix of seasoned professionals and bright, young talent. This fusion of age and youth ensures that Revision Zero remains agile, innovative, and well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of our valued clientele.

fregelito maglalang
Mary Anne

Revision Zero operates its production office in Manila, The Philippines, strategically leveraging the abundant local talent pool of detailers while complementing it with an expatriate senior executive team. This structure enables us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, security, or technical expertise.

With a full-time company representative based in Australasia and our expatriate executive team stationed in Manila, we ensure seamless project management and delivery with complete transparency throughout the process.

Our diverse team brings together a wide range of backgrounds, including expertise in Steel Fabrication, Steel Detailing, Structural Engineering, Engineering Management, Construction, and Project Management. This diverse skill set positions Revision Zero to assist our clients in achieving successful, cost-effective outcomes across all stages of their projects.

Russell Neal - Executive Director

Russell, enjoys over four decades of profound experience, brings an unparalleled depth of expertise in Boilermaking/Welding, Steel Fabrication, and Steel Detailing to Revision Zero. As the founding partner of the company, Russell has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory, driving it towards success. After more than twenty years in Southeast Asia, he has returned to his homeland, New Zealand, to transition from operational responsibilities to a strategic role on the board.

In his new capacity, Russell will lend his vast experience and strategic vision to setting the company’s direction and formulating strategic plans. While relinquishing day-to-day operational involvement, he remains committed to nurturing and mentoring employees, many of whom have worked with him since the inception of their careers. Russell finds fulfilment in continuing to collaborate with them and other board members, offering support to foster their professional growth and development.

Russell’s legacy of hands-on leadership and dedication not only underpins Revision Zero’s ongoing success but also embodies the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence and enduring client partnerships. His continued involvement ensures that the company remains poised for sustained growth and maintains its reputation for exceptional service delivery.

Paul Symes - Non-Executive Director

Paul, an experienced Director, Property Developer, and Business Leader, brings a wealth of expertise to Revision Zero. With a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) in Accounting, Commercial Law, and IT Systems, coupled with decades of experience, Paul has a proven track record of success. As a previous owner of an internationally awarded multi-national Construction Modeling company, he possesses invaluable insights into the industry.

Paul was the natural choice when Revision Zero sought someone to facilitate succession planning and lead the transfer of partnership in 2024. In his role as Chairman of the board, Paul provides strategic leadership to the firm’s executives and employees. He spearheads big-picture decisions, guiding the company towards its long-term objectives and setting the tone for the corporate culture.

With his extensive experience and visionary leadership, Paul is instrumental in steering Revision Zero towards continued growth and success. His strategic acumen and his commitment to excellence ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and delivering outstanding results.

Rainer Lwin - Chief Executive Officer

Rainer Lwin, with decades of experience in the fabrication, construction, and shop detailing industry, assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer at Revision Zero with a robust background in Structural, Mechanical, and Piping projects. Throughout his career trajectory, Rainer has consistently demonstrated a steadfast dedication to achieving excellence in every facet of his work.

An advocate for collaboration, Rainer thrives in cultivating close partnerships with clients, designers, and consultants, recognising the invaluable contributions each stakeholder brings to the table. His forte lies in meticulous planning of fabrication and construction processes, where he consistently endeavours to optimise project efficiency and uphold uncompromising standards of quality.

Proficient in Tekla Structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Rainer remains deeply committed to remaining abreast of technological advancements that elevate project methodologies. His proactive stance towards innovation ensures that Revision Zero maintains a leading position in industry standards and is equipped to tackle challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

In his capacity as CEO, Rainer provides strategic direction and leadership, overseeing the entirety of business development, systems implementation, and operations management. His visionary leadership style serves as a catalyst, motivating the team towards delivering offshore detailing services of the utmost calibre, consistently surpassing client expectations.

Cora Canapi - Chief Operating Officer

Cora Canapi, with an extensive tenure at Revision Zero, assumes the critical position of Chief Operating Officer, bringing with her a wealth of experience and expertise. Cora’s remarkable journey within the organisation serves as a testament to her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Having commenced her career as a junior detailer, Cora’s progression within the company underscores her relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. Throughout the years, she has held various pivotal roles, including Project Manager, Commercial Appraisal Manager, Production Manager, and Operations Manager, each contributing to her comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.

In her current capacity as COO, Cora adeptly oversees the day-to-day operations of Revision Zero with precision and diligence. From Estimating to Quality Assurance and Production, she orchestrates seamless coordination and execution across all projects. Cora’s meticulous approach to project management ensures that client expectations regarding budget, schedule, and quality are not only met but consistently surpassed.

Beyond her operational duties, Cora assumes a pivotal role in shaping Revision Zero’s strategic trajectory. Collaborating closely with her peers, she actively contributes to the formulation of organisational strategies aimed at fostering long-term success and sustainable growth, positioning Revision Zero as a leader in its field.

Catherine Boo - Chief Finance Officer

Catherine Boo, with over a decade of invaluable experience as Revision Zero’s Office Manager, brings a wealth of organisational prowess and leadership acumen to her new role as Chief Finance Officer. Catherine’s tenure within the company is a testament to her unwavering commitment to personal and professional advancement, positioning her as an ideal candidate to undertake this pivotal leadership position.

Having demonstrated exemplary proficiency in foundational tasks and exceptional attention to detail during her tenure as Office Manager, Catherine’s elevation to the CFO role marks a significant milestone in her career trajectory. It signifies Revision Zero’s acknowledgment of her outstanding abilities and her potential to steer the company towards financial success.

As CFO, Catherine assumes a critical role in shaping Revision Zero’s financial strategies and ensuring the company’s fiscal health. Her multifaceted responsibilities encompass a spectrum of financial functions, including but not limited to budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, risk management, compliance, and strategic decision-making.

Leveraging her robust analytical prowess and strategic foresight, Catherine will spearhead the finance team in implementing resilient financial processes and systems tailored to support Revision Zero’s ambitious growth objectives. Her leadership will play a pivotal role in guiding the company through strategic initiatives and optimising financial performance.

Catherine’s appointment as CFO underscores Revision Zero’s steadfast commitment to nurturing talent from within and harnessing the expertise of its team members to drive organisational success. Her unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and visionary outlook undoubtedly augur well for the continued growth and prosperity of Revision Zero.

Jazmin Landicho - Chief Technical Officer

Jazmin Landicho, the youngest member of our esteemed executive team, commenced her professional journey with Revision Zero immediately after graduating from Lyceum of the Philippines University in 2018, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Starting as an IT Technician, Jazmin swiftly showcased her exceptional management skills and unwavering dedication, propelling her ascent within the company.

Through her exemplary performance, Jazmin rapidly ascended to the position of IT Manager, where she played an instrumental role in cultivating and developing her team. Her swift progression within the organisation stands as a testament to Revision Zero’s staunch commitment to fostering and empowering young talents.

In her current capacity as Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Jazmin assumes a pivotal role in spearheading our technological advancements. Possessing a profound understanding of our business objectives, she intricately orchestrates the formulation and execution of our technology strategies, ensuring seamless alignment with our overarching long-term goals. Jazmin’s visionary leadership serves as the cornerstone for overseeing the implementation of innovative solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive sustainable growth.

Leveraging her extensive expertise and forward-thinking approach, Jazmin propels our organisation to the vanguard of technological innovation within our industry, thereby reinforcing Revision Zero’s position as a trailblazer in the realm of technology-driven solutions.

Maria Quilang - Production Manager

Maria’s journey at Revision Zero exemplifies dedication, diligence, and a relentless pursuit of growth. Starting as a Junior Detailer, her unwavering commitment to excellence propelled her upward trajectory within the organisation. In 2021, Maria’s diligence and exceptional performance led to her elevation to Middle Management as a Project Manager.

Maria’s insatiable thirst for learning and professional advancement has been a driving force throughout her career. Her innate leadership qualities, coupled with the guidance and faith of Senior Management and the Director, paved the way for her to assume the role of Production Manager.

As Production Manager, Maria brings a fresh perspective infused with a millennial mindset. She firmly believes in never settling for less, advocating for work-life balance, and maintaining an optimistic outlook in the face of challenges. Maria’s leadership style embodies empowerment and innovation, inspiring the Production Team to strive for excellence and embrace continuous improvement.

With Maria at the helm, Revision Zero’s Production Team is poised to thrive in an environment that values growth, balance, and forward-thinking approaches. Her leadership underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and resilience, ensuring sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

Jelyd Acaba - Estimating Manager

Chad, a recent addition to the Revision Zero team since November 2023, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Reuniting with one of the directors from her previous company, Chad’s proactive approach and dedication to meeting client needs have garnered widespread approval and trust. Her ability to provide swift responses to inquiries and address their needs demonstrates her strong leadership, problem-solving skills, and unwavering commitment to delivering results.

Chad’s philosophy centers on the importance of effective communication and meticulous planning in achieving team success. She firmly believes that fostering open communication channels and implementing proper planning strategies are essential elements for attaining excellence in any endeavor.

In her role at Revision Zero, Chad leads a team of estimators, overseeing the preparation of quotes and appraising contractual project variations. With her extensive experience in construction modeling, Chad is poised to guide the team towards growth in estimating modeling, leveraging her expertise to enhance accuracy and efficiency. Chad’s focus is on ensuring Revision Zero clients receive fair value quotes for quality work.

Chad’s leadership, coupled with her wealth of experience and dedication to continuous improvement, positions her as a valuable asset to Revision Zero. Her commitment to excellence and emphasis on teamwork and effective planning are instrumental in driving the company towards continued success in the field of structural detailing.

Scott Zanjonskowski - Business Development Manager

Scott brings over two decades of diverse experience spanning various engineering domains, including Civil & Structural Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Site Construction, and Steel Detailing, across Australian, New Zealand, and US markets. His extensive hands-on experience is complemented by comprehensive management expertise, encompassing Projects, Design, Site, Fabrication, and BIM.

Scott commenced his journey with Revision Zero as Technical Sales Support and has since ascended to the role of Business Development Manager. In his current capacity, he plays a pivotal role in driving business growth by nurturing client relationships and identifying opportunities for expansion. Scott actively communicates with the Estimating and Production teams, ensuring alignment between client requirements and Revision Zero’s capabilities.

With a keen focus on business development and client satisfaction, Scott effectively communicates how Revision Zero can best fulfill the diverse needs of its clientele. His strategic approach and dedication to fostering strong client relationships contribute significantly to the company’s success and continued growth trajectory.

Windell Marfil - Project Manager

Windell Marfil, esteemed Project Manager at Revision Zero, boasts a wealth of experience in steel detailing, which has been cultivated over numerous years in the field. Beginning his career as a Detailing Engineer in the UAE, Windell specialised in modelling, detailing, and preparing BOM & shop drawings for sheeting parts of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Upon returning to the Philippines, he continued to ascend in his career, progressing from an intermediate detailer to his current role as Project Manager.

With a blend of technical proficiency and exceptional interpersonal skills, Windell adeptly leads his team, emphasising the importance of quality work and adherence to client expectations. As a mentor, Windell plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent within the organisation. He has spearheaded an in-house training program designed to prepare team members for the rigorous examinations required to become National Institute of Steel Detailing Certified Detailers. Under his guidance, Revision Zero takes pride in boasting numerous fully certified members, a testament to Windell’s unwavering commitment to employee development and growth.

Windell’s leadership not only ensures the successful execution of projects but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional advancement within Revision Zero. His dedication to excellence and employee empowerment resonates throughout the organisation, reinforcing Revision Zero’s reputation as a leader in the industry.

Jay-Ar Villanueva - Project Manager

Jay-Ar Villanueva, a distinguished Project Manager at Revision Zero, graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, specialising in Drafting. His professional journey began in various drafting houses, where he honed his skills as a cadet draughtsman before transitioning to the specialised field of detailing. In 2015, Jay-Ar joined the esteemed team at Revision Zero.

Jay-Ar’s ascent within the organisation is a testament to his unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and learning. Through his tireless efforts and commitment, he has swiftly established himself as a crucial member of the middle management team, achieving remarkable milestones in a relatively short span of time.

In his role as Project Manager, Jay-Ar leverages his expertise to mentor the team, imparting the values and principles that underpin Revision Zero’s approach to project execution. His steadfast commitment to prioritising client satisfaction, quality deliverables, and adherence to schedules serves as a guiding beacon for his team members, driving the success of his projects.

Jay-Ar’s leadership is characterised by his relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering focus on client-centric practices. His dedication to instilling a culture of quality and efficiency underscores Revision Zero’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and solidifies its position as a leader in the industry.

fregelito maglalang

Fregelito Maglalang - Project Manager

Fregelito’s journey may have started with a Bachelor of Nursing, but fate had other plans for him. Finding himself as a trainee Steel Detailer, Fregelito discovered his true calling and excelled in the field over the years, progressing from trainee to BIM modeller through his dedication and passion for his work.

In 2018, Revision Zero welcomed Fregelito to the team, initially assigning him tasks in BIM Modeling and Shop Detailing. However, it quickly became evident that his enthusiasm and respect from his peers warranted a promotion. Recognising his potential, Fregelito was elevated to the role of Lead Detailer in 2022, thanks to nominations from Project Managers for whom he had previously worked.

Fregelito’s integrity and fairness have always been evident in his interactions with others. As a Project Manager, he ensures that his obligations to clients, projects, and Revision Zero are met with diligence and precision. However, it is in his role as a mentor and teammate where Fregelito truly shines. Known for his gentlemanly demeanour, Fregelito fosters a supportive and nurturing environment, guiding and uplifting those around him.

Fregelito’s journey exemplifies the power of dedication, humility, and integrity in achieving success. As a valued member of the Revision Zero team, he continues to inspire others with his unwavering commitment to excellence and compassionate leadership style.

Mary Anne Masanque - Project Manager

Mary Anne Masanque, a licensed electrical engineer graduating in 2014, defies traditional gender norms in engineering by showcasing her exceptional skills and determination in a predominantly male-dominated field. Despite her initial focus on electrical engineering, Mary Anne embarked on a journey into the detailing industry, driven by her eagerness to expand her career opportunities and her unwavering determination to excel in new challenges.

Beginning her career as a detailer, Mary Anne honed her skills and expertise in the detailing field, specialising in commercial buildings and offshore platforms in the oil & gas sector. In 2019, she joined Revision Zero as a junior detailer, where her passion and dedication quickly earned her recognition. Within a short span, Mary Anne’s exemplary performance led to her promotion to Lead Detailer in mid-2021, followed by her appointment as Project Manager in 2024.

Mary Anne’s remarkable rise through the ranks at Revision Zero is a testament to her commitment to continuous growth and excellence. Her journey exemplifies the value of hard work, adaptability, and perseverance in achieving professional success, regardless of gender barriers. As a trailblazer in her field, Mary Anne inspires others to challenge stereotypes and pursue their passions with determination and resilience.