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Revision Zero commenced operation in 2013, with a small but very experienced team. The success of Revision Zero created the need for Revision Zero to keep expanding to, at times, a team of well over one hundred.

These days, Revision Zero has maintained its client’s repeat business through excellent customer service and high-quality product deliverables. To do this, we ensured the management team had diverse skills and experience. We combine expatriate and local experienced team members, with a mix of age and youth thrown in.

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fregelito maglalang

Revision Zero’s production office is based in Manila, The Philippines. The company has been structured to utilize the large pool of local detailers blended with an expatriate management team to provide a lower-cost solution without compromising quality, security, and technical experience.

With a company representative based full-time in Australia and an expatriate management team based in Manila, we can ensure projects are managed and delivered smoothly and with complete transparency.

With a team that hovers around the one hundred-mark, Revision Zero has a diverse team with backgrounds in Steel Fabrication, Steel Detailing, Structural Engineering, Engineering Management, Construction, and Project Management, and thereby well placed to be able to assist our clients to deliver a successful, cost-effective outcome across all stages of a project.

Russell Neal - Chief Operating Officer

With over 35 years of experience, Russell brings a broad range of experience in Boilermaking/Welding, Steel Fabrication and Steel Detailing to the business. With the last 12 years predominately based in Manila and prior to that New Zealand and Australia, Russell is well placed to be able to provide the leadership and direction to a team providing quality offshore detailing to  markets in Australasia, US and the UK.

Russell is responsible for the direction of the company. He is involved with business development and overall systems and operations. Russell very much enjoys being involved with the company’s clients, creating solutions, working through concerns and ensuring the Revision Zero team delivers as promised.

Rainer Lwin - General Manager

Rainer is a construction professional with 19 years of experience. He started his career as a contract’s administrator for a large commercial construction company in Western Australia.

Progression in his field and a few role changes later lead to him working as a project manager of an engineering company. He gained a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience in engineering and construction.

Responsible for the delivery of Structural, Mechanical and Piping projects.

Working closely with designers and consultants, he enjoys the challenge of effectively planning construction.

Skilled in Tekla Structures and Building Information Modelling, he is committed to understanding technological advancements which improve construction methodology.

Scott Zajonskowki - Technical Sales Support

Scott has a diverse twenty years of experience encompassing a wide range of engineering environments, Civil & Structural Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Site Construction, and Steel Detailing in Australian & US markets, backed up by substantial hands-on experience. Management experience encompasses, Projects, Design, Site, Fabrication and BIM.

Scott joined Revision Zero as Technical Sales Support, building bridges between the Client and our Sales and Production teams. He will focus on how we can best communicate how Revision Zero can best meet our client’s varied needs.

Catherine Boo - Office General Manager

Catherine joined the company in its early stages, helping the company grow from a mere four employees to the seventy plus today. Initially she managed everything that made the company run, its day to day operational support, government and regulatory compliance, maintaining employee legal, health and well being requirements, accounting and everything in between.

Due to the growth of the organization her role now involves a large content of supervision of her support team. Delegating to admin support, HR manager, company accountant and lawyer, Catherine keeps the company “happening” on a day to day basis and all of the team especially management turn to her knowing all will be taken care of.

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Cora Canapi - Production Manager

Cora has spent more than 10 years of her career working with one of the directors, both at Revision Zero and at his previous detailing company. Through these years Cora grew from a junior detailer to now filling the role as a Production Manager. She is well placed to provide guidance and share her knowledge to the team, and is always there to give a hand or advise if required. She works closely with her clients, managing their projects and is quite often requested by our repeat customers to be the one to manage their next project.

Cora’s role as a Production Manager is to ensure all projects are well managed and to work with the client to meet all deliverable expectations, including budget, schedule and quality. Born and raised in Manila, she also fills the role of maintaining cultural sensitivity and helps “mother” those new to working in an offshoring company.

Windell Marfil - Project Manager

Windell has more than 10 years of steel detailing experience having started his steel detailing career in the UAE as a Detailing Engineer. He was mainly responsible for the modelling, detailing and preparing of BOM & shop drawings of sheeting parts of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. After years of working abroad, he returned to the Philippines. Windell has progressed his steel detailing career from an intermediate detailer, modeler, Lead Detailer, 3D model checker, Team Lead and now in a role of a Project Manager.

With Windell’s interpersonal skills and people management, he directs the Team with their assigned tasks emphasizing quality of work and reports accomplishments to the client. He makes certain that all projects are managed and standards followed to client expectations.

Jay-Ar Villanueva - Project Manager

Jay-Ar graduated in 2008 with a BS in Industrial Technology, majoring in Drafting. His formative years were spent in various droughting houses as a cadet draughtsman before finding his way into the specialized field of detailing. In 2015, Jay-Ar commenced working as part of the team at Revision Zero.

Through hard work and complete dedication to learning, Jay-Ar has continued to grow and established himself as a vital member of the middle management team. It is a testament to his commitment that he has achieved so much in such a short time.

As a Project Manager, Jay-Ar can help mentor the team through the Revision Zero “way of doing things” instill the priority to client, quality and schedule mentality that drives Jay-Ar and what makes his projects a success.

Maria Quilang - Project Manager

Maria graduated as an Architecture Student in 2013. Study was not easy for Maria as she did not have the financial support that others are fortunate to have. This did not stop Maria, and through sheer grit and determination by way of working and studying full time supported herself through to graduation. This determination did not go unnoticed. It was a prominent international company that jump-started her career in detailing by starting her in their training and mentorship programme.

Revision Zero in 2016 was fortunate that Maria chose to make it the company she wanted to continue her growth and develop the skills to reach her goals. Through Maria’s determination and inquisitiveness, she became passionate about delivering projects on time and always led the team to apply Revision Zero’s standards and procedures with a quality of work that her team can be proud of. Project Managers always asked for Maria to be their Lead Detailer on their projects. When the project management team was looking to promote further project managers, her name was first on everyone’s list.

fregelito maglalang

Fregelito Maglalang - Project Manager

Fregelito graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Nursing, but through a twist of fate, he did not end up following a career in Nursing but instead found himself as a trainee Steel Detailer. This must have been his calling as he thrived in the coming years, progressing from Trainee to “scrubbing” drawings and then eventually becoming a BIM modeler.

In 2018, Revision Zero was fortunate to have Fregelito join the team. Initially, he was tasked with BIM Modelling and Shop Detailing, however, it become apparent quite early on that he showed such enthusiasm in his chosen career, and that coupled with the respect given by his team members Fregelito needed a shot at becoming a Lead Detailer. It was in 2022, that the need arose for a Project Manager to be promoted through the team. Project Managers for whom Fregelito had been the Lead Detailer were very quick to nominate him and thus he was promoted into the role.

Fregelito has always shown a high sense of morality and fairness to those around him. As a Project Manager, he strives to ensure that his obligations to the client, his projects, and Revision Zero are met. It is though in his role as a mentor and teammate that he can really express his personality. The term Gentleman often is heard in the same sentence as the name Fregelito.