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Hydrate Stockpile Upgrade

We recently completed work for one of our valued clients to upgrade a Hydrate Stockpile Facility, located in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. This upgrade project will improve the reliability of the facility infrastructure.

Revision Zero was again engaged to provide workshop detailing and 3D BIM modelling of approximately 720 tons of structural and mechanical steel for the Hydrate Stockpile Upgrade. This project certainly had significant challenges with its design. Overcoming these challenges and working together with the consultants and client resulted in an excellent outcome for all.

For this upgrade project, the works involve the construction of new:

  • Stockpile Shed – approximately 70.5m long, 38m wide, 24m tall, and is open on the northern side to allow stacking and reclaiming operations.

  • Northern Transfer Tower – is to receive Hydrate from Western Transfer Tower and distribute Hydrate to the shed.

  • Western Transfer Tower – is to convey Hydrate to the Northern Transfer Tower via a Surge Bin.

  • CVR470 Extension – is positioned on the existing calciner building as part of the upgrade, a new plough will be located, and floor

  • Beams to support the new plough.

  • (3) Plough Stations – located inside the shed.

  • Cross Conveyor – located between Northern and Western Transfer Tower.

  • Feed Conveyor – located inside the shed and between Northern Transfer Tower.

  • Surge Bin – located in Western Transfer Tower.

  • Diverter Chute – located in Northern Transfer Tower.