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Santos Moomba CCS

In mid-2022, Revision Zero completed a small portion of the Santos Moomba project, which is located 800km north of Adelaide in the Strzelecki desert in South Australia.

The development of the Moomba Carbon Capture and Storage Project will be one of the world’s biggest CCS projects and the lowest cost that will safely and permanently store 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Revision Zero performed the 3D Modelling services of structural steel required to support the brownfield CO2 and utility lines and prepared supplied drawings such as marking plans, assembly drawings and fittings for structural steel weighing approximately 58 tons. Whilst in this particular project, we were not required to do pipe spooling or iso drawings, this is a service that Revision Zero does offer and we are looking to expand our capabilities in this area.

For this development project, the work area includes:

  • Area G1 – CO2 Main Header – Train 3
  • Area G2 – CO2 Main Header – Train 5 & 6
  • Area G3 – CO2 Main Header – Train 7
  • Area G4 – CO2 Lateral Header – Train 3
  • Area G5 – CO2 Lateral Header – Train 5 & 6
  • Area G6 – CO2 Lateral Header – Train 7