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Shirley Boys & Avonside Girls School

Part of the Christchurch rebuild was the complete new construction of two schools Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls Colleges. Revision Zero was commissioned in September 2017 by one of the leading Structural Steel Fabricators in Christchurch to provide 3D modelling and detailing services.

The schedule was very challenging requiring the whole project to be completely detailed within three months. The fabricator chose to use Revision Zero due to past performances but also due to the large amount of resources available meaning many different areas could be worked on concurrently. Project was completed on schedule.

The project consists of total steel 1,448 Tons, 12,230 meters of purlins and a total floor area of 14,762,964 square meters.

Facilities include:

  • A performing arts centre with a 750-seat theatre and a second, 100-seat theatre
  • A cultural space
  • Four full-sized sportsfields with a 400-metre running track
  • Three full-sized indoor gymnasiums – two of which can be joined to host events.
  • A café and fully-equipped commercial teaching kitchen

The schools will also benefit from being located next to the new QEII Sport and Recreation Centre and in close proximity to the Travis Wetlands Heritage Park. Each school will also have an electronics lab, a 2D and 3D printing room, six science labs and an indoor fitness centre with treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bikes.

Scheduled opening date of May, 2019.